Advanced technology to monitor Reciprocating equipment utilizes multiple sensor technologies and collects data degree-by-degree with respect to crank-angle. This phased, crankshaft referenced data is collected from various measurements points including:

  1. in-cylinder Pressure measurements for PV Analysis

  2. Vibration on the frame, crosshead and cyliner

  3. Ultrasonic on the valves and injectors

  4. Proximity of rod movement and 

  5. angular Velocity of the crankshaft

enabling a comprehensive examination of internal components.

By synchronising the position of crankshaft & resultant piston position throughout the stroke, and then plotting a once-per-degree resolution, the system enables all internal mechanical events like Valve opening and closing to be visualised.

Thus in addition to Performance & Economic analysis like power production/consumption, gas throughput & efficiency, our proprietary analyzers and diagnostic software can accurately identify mechanical condition of machinery, diagnosing problems like:

   Leaking / damaged Valves, Piston Rings

   Liner/Piston wear, damaged Rider Bands

   Loss of Crosshead Integrity

   Uneven Engine Balance

   Poor Combustion quality

   and other abnormalities in Compressors and Engines

Portable Analyzer 6400

Windrock MD Software

All our products utilize the revolutionary Windrock MD software for trending, reporting and analysis. This single data repository for all reciprocating and rotating information allows data to be easily shared between analysts for collaboration and consultation with industry experts. MD software is also the analysis application used with Windrock’s Platinum Online Monitoring System.

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