SPOTLIGHT is an automated, continuous monitoring tool that uses magnet-mounted or epoxied PUCs to record an asset’s operational information which is then transmitted via cellular (4G LTE) technology to a cloud based system to efficiently and reliably monitor the health and performance of essential mechanized equipment.

Each SPOTLIGHT Monitoring System consists of four PUC (Peripheral Universal Connection) modules that are quickly and easily attached to either a compressor or engine. A single cable routes the sensor signals from the PUCs to the Spotlight Controller. The Controller then wirelessly talks to the Gateway where performance data is collected and uploaded to a database, then transmitted to the analyst’s computer, smartphone or other handheld device.

Once the Spotlight system is operational, the PUC Sensors, Controller and Gateway send critical data to specialized interpretive software, where performance and condition-based algorithms perform real-time calculations. Reports on KPl’s and performance alerts can be relayed to the user’s smartphone or other mobile device, anywhere in the world, usually in a matter of minutes.


The Four PUCs included with a standard SPOTLIGHT System sense:

  • Head-End Pressure

  • Crank-End Pressure

  • Suction Temperature

  • Crosshead Vibration

  • Vibration Bias Voltage

  • Vibration raw time waveform


The Four PUCs included with a standard System monitor Valve trains, Power Cylinders, turbos, main bearings and frame vibration. 

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This is the Central Nervous System and polls each PUC at a user selectable polling interval.

Securely bridges Controllers to the cloud or local on premise solution. 

PLATINUM is the industry’s best platform for the protection and health assessment of reciprocating machinery. Platinum offers limitless combinations of data-acquisition channels for pressure, vibration, temperature and proximity. In addition to real-time data feedback, Platinum has smart features like self-monitoring of diagnostics and redundancy of critical components.

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