MOTION AMPLIFICATION® - Visualizing motion. Finding solutions.

Motion Amplification® is a proprietary video processing algorithm that detects subtle motion and amplifies that motion to a level visible to the naked eye. The results lend themselves to visualization of motion, as well as the measure and quantification of motion in Plant Machinery, Manufacturing Equipment, Piping, Structures and other Industrial Assets.


Using this revolutionary technology one can literally SEE the problem and check for Root Cause, identifying complex abnormalities like base foundation problems in quick time. This is why Motion Amplification® is changing the way industry monitors its plant assets and has become the cutting edge complement to traditional condition monitoring technologies like Vibration and Oil Analysis.


Motion Amplification® helps identify any problem that the camera can SEE

including problems in the Base/Foundation, Structure, Piping



The IRIS System comprising of a Camera, Acquisition device, and Software incorporates Motion Amplification® technology and can be used to analyse practically any physical asset that can be viewed and captured on camera. This makes the System suitable for a wide range of Applications, useable by various departments & subplants to SEE and solve problems every day.

A patented technology measures deflection, displacement, movement and vibration. Utilizing video camera technology in conjunction with our software and processing algorithms, every pixel in the camera’s view is turned into a sensor capable of measuring vibration or motion with high accuracy. In other words our proprietary software turns millions of pixels in today’s modern cameras into millions of individual data points that can be monitored, read and analysed.

Live Motion Amplification®
Scan assets instantly to see motion in real time.

Millions of data collection points

Displacement can be measured simultaneously from an unlimited number of regions drawn in the video.

Data for analysis from any point

Timewaveform, Spectra, Orbits are extracted from any region of interest.

Frequency based Filtering
For detailed analysis video can be filtered by isolating single or multiple frequencies using bandpass, bandstop, lowpass, highpass filters.


Portable Periodic Monitoring


Online Continuous Monitoring


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