PREDICT introduced the technology of Ferrography Wear Particle Analysis in India more than 20 years ago, and pioneered commercial Ferrography Oil Analysis Services by setting up a world class Ferrography WPA Laboratory at Hyderabad for the first time in the country.

Samples of Lubricating Oil are collected from plant machinery and sent to our NABL certified Lab where they are analysed as per ASTM standards, using the highest quality testing equipment from across the world, by trained certified technicians and analysts, while following uncompromising ethical and professional practices. We analyse the received sample and report:

  1. OIL Condition

  2. MACHINE Condition

PREDICT also provides the world's leading and most advanced INSTRUMENTS for Ferrography WPA. To know more please click.

OIL Condition is determined by testing Physiochemical properties of the sample like Viscocity, TAN, TBN, Moisture etc

MACHINE Condition is evaluated by quantifying and examining microscopic Particles of Wear and Contaminants present in the sample, using technologies:

   Particle Counting NAS Analysis

   Spectroscopy Elemental Analysis

   Ferrography Wear Particle Analysis

Detailed Reports are available 24x7 on PREDICT CLOUD, accessible from any computer connected to the Internet, while a Summary Report is available via the Android  PREDICT APP

FERROGRAPHY Wear Particle Analysis

is the microscopic identification and evaluation of wear particles to determine Type, Severity, Component, and Cause of wear.


The PREDICT CLOUD Subscription Service offers multiple Benefits:

Access to Reports, anytime, anywhere

Provides multiple users in various subplants direct access to reports of their machines

Enables Self Customisation of analysed data

​Facilitates improved CBM practices enabling Comparative  evaluation of similar machines by comparing the size and severity of wear particles generated from each of them​

Enables Trending of individual Wear Particles. For example one can trend the size & severity of Bearing Wear or say Gear Wear particles generated by the equipment over the last 5 years, enabling a significant improvement in diagnosis.

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PREDICT APP enables all the benefits of the PREDICT CLOUD, and makes it possible to check machine Condition data while standing next to the equipment in the plant


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